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Contact: Tawni Reller
Work PO Box 414 Fishers IN 46038 Business Phone: 317-528-0170Website: unsoaped, LLC


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After cleaning up my diet and my kitchen, I saw some improvements in my health and skin but the improvements were not ‘big’. So I looked further – into the shower and on the bathroom counter, because what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body. Why was I putting chemicals I couldn’t pronounce on my skin? And why was it so hard to find products that DIDN’T have all those chemicals? Much less ones that WORKED?

That’s how unsoaped, LLC was born. All unsoaped products help you achieve your best YOU possible by creating body care product with minimal, intentional ingredients that not only care for your skin but also positively affect your mind. All unsoaped products are free of water, synthetic chemicals, added preservatives, and colorants, and are packaged and shipped in environmentally-friendly materials that are reusable, recyclable (TRULY recyclable – not like plastic!), or compostable.

We’re on the journey to uncomplicated body care. Join us!

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